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Amazon Firestick Customer Support Phone Number

Amazon Firestick Technical Support Number


Did you recently purchase Amazon Firestick, but wondering how to set it up? Don’t worry; this blog has got you covered. You can read the step by step guide written here and can implement the Firestick setup process. From the things you need to the installation procedure, everything is discussed. Even after reading this blog, you still have some doubts, then feel free to have a word with Amazon Firestick Customer service number.

When you configure the Firestick to the Television, you can stream watch online channels such as Netflix, HBO, and others. Have a look at the process shared below

Things required to setup Firestick

First of all, collect all the essentials mentioned below before starting with the procedure.

  • A power adaptor
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Alexa voice remote control
  • A TV with HDMI port

To connect the Firestick you require, an HD or UHD Television which has an inbuilt HDMU port. This is where you insert the Firestick. You need to insert the smaller end of the adaptor’s cord to the USB port of the Firestick and the other end to the power adaptor. Also, make sure that the Television is switched on during this process

Step 1- Connect the Firestick to Wi-Fi

This is important as it helps you to complete the setup and also provide to view the content that is available in the Firestick. Press the play button on the FireTV remote and then choose your desired language. After that press the center button on the remote. This will scan the available network and display them on screen. Use the up/down button on the remote and select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password for a smooth connection. This can only be possible if you have registered the Firestick to Amazon account. If you haven’t created one, then you will also be provided with that option during the setup

Step 2- Moving forward with the setup

Now everything is secured, the device is connected to the internet, an account is created, and Firestick logo appears on the screen, you need to scroll through the main menu and then download third-party applications. You can also set up a VPN for the best viewing experience.

Step 3- Securing the Firestick Setup

After you have set up the VPN, you can install the app on your Firestick. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet. You can skip the introductory tutorial if you want and download the apps from the Amazon store

Step 4- Install Third-party applications

To do that, download the third-party app store. However, before that, you must enable apps from unknown sources from the settings option. This will help you to view the content quickly and also accept it from unknown variants

This is the guide by which you can setup Firestick in the HDMI TV and watch content. You can also take the certified help from Amazon Firestick Customer Support and have a live chat with the techies to know more.


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Amazon Firestick Customer Support Phone Number

Amazon Firestick Phone Number


Amazon Firestick is a device through which you can streamline and watch different channels such as Netflix, HBO, Youtube, etc. which can be plugged into the smart TV. If you wish to understand the procedure for setting up the Amazon Firestick, then you can read the steps mentioned in this blog. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you start the process. If you come across any difficulty and wish to incur external help, then you can always get in touch with Amazon Firestick Customer Care number.


Things that are required for Amazon Firestick setup

Gather all the given things to start the setup process.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Power adaptor
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • HDMI cable
  • Remote Control
  • A compatible HD TV with an HDMI key in the port
  • Stable and consistent internet connection
  • An Amazon Account
  • Instructions for Amazon Firestick Set Up
  • Install the Fire Tv remote app in the system
  • Verify the Fire OS and Remote software updates
  • Install the additional apps that are required
  • Allow parental control if needed
  • Prepare arrangements for Live TV
  • Hide the Cloud Apps
  • Configure the privacy settings
  • Allow data monitoring and adjust the video quality
  • Adjust the volume level
  • Provide the address and device name in Alexa Aoo
  • For Youtube and Casting, set up the Silk Browser
  • Enable the Frame Rate Matching

The steps to set up the Amazon Firestick

  • Once you have procured everything that you need, you can start to execute the process.
  • Connect the Firestick to the TV and the power adaptor

Step 1- Pairing the Alexa remote      

  • Make sure that the remote is loaded with batteries
  • After that bring the remote near to the Fire TV stick
  • Push the home button on the remote for 10 seconds. Once the remote is paired, you will see a display message on the screen
  • Now press the Play button to continue the setup

Step 2- Select the desired language

  • After you have paired the remote, you now need to set up the language
  • With the help of Up and Down keys on the remote, select the language that you wish to choose and mark it in yellow
  • Click on the Select option.

Step 3- Connect to the Network

  • On the navigation trackpad, go from left to right to select the network in grey
  • Then select the given option
  • You will notice a virtual keyboard on the screen, where you need to type your password
  • Once you have provided the password to connect to the network, click on Enter.

Step 4- Register Fire Tv stick

  • Now you need to register the Amazon account that you had created with the Fire TV stick
  • Enter the details about the email account that you had created
  • After that provide the password details

Step 5- Save the Wi-Fi passwords

  • Once you have entered the Wi-Fi password, a pop-up on the screen will ask you, ‘whether you wish to save the password.’
  • This method can also detect some other Wi-Fi connections that are available online
  • Make sure that you only save your home Wi-Fi network

Step 6- Access the parental controls

  • You can continue with this process if you want to allow the parental control
  • Set a 5-digit pin code that you wish to set
  • Click on Enter and save the changes

Step 7- Introductory video

This is just a phase where you will be shown an introductory video. You need to watch it for 2-3 minutes

Step 8- Manage and monitor the data consumption

You can set the limit for the data range that you wish to use and manage the data consumption.

Step 9- Next thing that you need to do is to reboot the Amazon Firestick

Step 10- You can now pair the Fire Remote with the TV stick

This can be a little complicated process, and if you require technical help, you can get in touch with Amazon Firestick Customer Support and have a word with the techies in this matter.


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Firestick Technical Support Number

Amazon Firestick Customer Care


Amazon Fire Tv is considered to be a fantastic tool which can be used to stream content online. It is something which is very much reliable and no less than what you always wanted. It has many great features, Instead of having such features, sometimes you are unable to watch 4k videos on it. So is there any way of watching 4k videos on Amazon fire stick ? This issue is very general as many people have faced this problem, but it can be easily solved. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below. You can also contact Amazon firestick customer support phone number to get proper and easy guidance by the experts.


Below are some steps that could help you watch 4k videos on Amazon Fire Tv or Firestick

  • Check your network status

You need to see whether Amazon Fire Tv is working the way it should work.  Checking network status is very important because sometimes it would be difficult to watch the content which is going to create trouble for you.

  • Accurate device matters

If you are unable to watch 4k content , make sure that you have Amazon 2nd and 3rd generation because only these offer 4k video. Also , you need a compatible TV. For 4k content, you need to have an ultra HD TV and that too with at least an HDMI input which is HDCP 2.2 compatible

  • Internet speed

You should have the excellent internet speed to avoid problems. It should be noted that high-speed Internet will give you better results and no delay will be caused. So it will be better to keep in mind that Internet speed plays a very significant role, and upgrading it will always be a great idea.

  • Customize the Amazon Fire TV options

You will have to go to Settings/display and sound/display, and then you need to open the video resolution section to see and make sure that the resolution is not set to auto because this might be a reason of 4k videos not working as because of this HDCP 2.2 is not detected. It’s one of the most important factors

  • Clear data for the video apps

You need to see whether video apps have their data cleared or not because it can be one of the main reasons for 4k video not working on Amazon Fire TV. What you can do is enter Amazon fire TV settings ,  go to applications, and select the option “manage installed application.” You need to choose the option “Force stop” and then clear data of the application. Then it will ask you if you want to delete app data , you will have to clear data again. Restart the amazon fire TV and disconnect the power cord and plug it again


The above-mentioned steps can help you get rid of this problem. Keeping these points in mind, you might be able to watch 4k videos on Amazon Fire TV. If you still have any issues related to this , you can just contact Amazon firestick customer care number for technical assistance



Firestick Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon Firestick Support


Amazon Fire TV stick provides the users with an amazing TV viewing experience. The only thing that the users would have to do is to connect the Amazon Fire TV stick to the Wi-Fi network. There are times when the users come across the issue of their Amazon Fire TV stick not connecting with the Wi-Fi network. This is a common issue which most of the users face while using the Amazon Fire TV stick. The users can always learn more about this issue by going through the complete blog, and they also have the alternative option of connecting with Amazon Firestick Technical Support Number.

There are certain things that the users must keep:

  • The users must make sure that the account password in Amazon is different from the password which you have for the Wi-Fi.
  • The users must also understand that the Password is case-sensitive.
  • There is also the probability of the user entering the wrong password. The users should make sure that the characters and digits of the password are correct.
  • Check the status of your Wi-Fi and make sure that it is functioning accurately.
  • The user must also check whether their router or modem is following the accurate specifications for the Fire TV devices.

Ways to resolve the issue of Amazon Fire TV Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi

The ways in which the users can solve the malfunction where their Amazon Fire TV stick is not able to connect with the Wi-Fir network are as mentioned below:

Analyze the Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

There are times when the network connection turns out to be the core reason for Amazon Fire TV not being able to connect with the Wi-Fi network. In a situation like this, the users are suggested to examine their internet connection and make sure that it is strong and stable.

Check the setup of your Device

The users must make sure that there isn’t any interference in the Wi-Fi connection that you are using. If there are any objects which are not a part of the setup, then it can cause the issue of poor signal. The users must ensure that the Fire Stick device is not enclosed in the cabinets. The users can also completely remove all interferences by moving the Fire TV stick away from all other devices which might cause the malfunction.

Improve the usability of Fire TV Devices

The users can also improve your Wi-Fi connection with the help of an adapter or an extender. By using this, the user would effectively be able to improve the connection of their Wi-Fi.

The users would efficiently be able to solve the issue using the suggestions given above. If you feel that you would require more assistance regarding the same, then it would be ideal for the users to connect with Amazon Firestick Customer Care Phone Number. By connecting with this customer service, the users can avail all the required assistance for solving the issue that they are facing.


Source url: - How to connect amazon fire tv stick to wi-fi network

Firestick Technical Support Number

Firestick Live Chat Support

While using the Amazon Fire Stick, it has been seen that the users come across various issues. Some of which are when the device starts to buffer, the device closes on its own or even hangs in between. It has often been reported that the device does not accept command of the Fire Stick Remote and even users witnessing a blank screen. There are few reasons because of which the Fire Stick shows a blank screen. It is always important that you understand the reason which is causing the problem, as it makes solving the issue more convenient. You can always connect with the Amazon Firestick Customer Service Number to know more about this issue.

Common reasons for this issue

Providing Incorrect Input: This means that the HDMI port of the fire stick was inserted to the incorrect port of the Amazon Fire stick.

Faulty HDMI Cable: It is also possible that the HDMI cable that you are using is faulty and has some kind of issue with because of which the Fire Stick is not able to connect.

Steps to solve the issue of the blank screen by Amazon Fire Stick

  • This is the error when your fire stick goes into sleep mode. When you wish to bring back or wake up the device you simply press the back button.
  • On the fire stick, you can also use some shortcuts which would assist you in waking the device from sleep mode.
  • If you look, you would be able to find a reverse button on your remote. Press and hold that button for 10 seconds and your device would show you various video options.
  • You can try to perform the factory reset option if nothing else works. For that, you would have to press the buttons back, reverse and right.
  • Also try altering the display mode to No scaling, auto and make ensure that it is less than 1080p 60Hz
  • Now hold the select and power button together to reboot your Fire Stick.

When the users come across issues like these, it would clearly frustrate them as it would put a hold on the device’s functioning but that is not the case in Amazon Fire Stick, you can efficiently connect yourself with the Amazon Firestick Technical Support and avail professional assistance from their trained experts. This service is available on a 24 hour basis and is completely free of any kind of charge. They make sure that the clients attain complete satisfaction towards the issue that they came up with.

Source url: - What to do when Amazon Fire Stick Screen is Blank


How To Solve The Issue Of Fire Tv Blank Screen On Boot

Amazon Firestick Helpline Number


Firestick While working with Amazon Fire TV, a user can encounter different issues. Some of them include when the device starts to buffer, closes on its own or hangs in between. Sometimes the device doesn’t accept the command of the Fire TV remote or the users witness a black or blank screen while they perform the boot function.

How to Install Terrarium TV on Firestick

Amazon Firestick Phone Number


Terrarium TV is a well-known Android app that enables you to watch videos on your android smartphone or tablet. Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick are both Android Based which makes it compatible with the Terrarium TV app. Hence sideloading this app on the Fire Stick Device isn’t much of a task.

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

Firestick Support


Amazon Fire Stick is the latest device to join the home entertainment industry. It has the external look of a USB pen drive and is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to the Amazon Fire Stick users have access to all of their Amazon content and can access it on the go using a compatible TV.

Troubleshoot HBO NOW on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Firestick Support Number


The Amazon is a famous brand known for delivering products ranging from all the possible varieties. Recently it has launched a new product in the market, known by the name of Amazon Fire TV. It is basically a digital media player that comes with a remote. You can use this device to transfer the content to an HD television, after connecting it and you just need an internet connection.

How To Use Fire Stick Without A Remote

Amazon Firestick Customer Service


If you have just lost your Amazon fire stick remote or if it recently got damaged, before you make the order for a new remote, remember that there are many available resources that you can use and an alternative to the remote.